Hemp Urban Worm Blanket 10 pack

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Massively Discounted 10-Packs. Perfect for Worm Bin Owners & Hydroponic Growers!

Maintain moist, dark conditions in any worm bin with this newest variety of Urban Worm Blanket made from hemp! Perfect for the Urban Worm Bag, Subpod, & More!

The hemp variety of the Urban Worm Blanket is fully biodegradable, pleasant to the touch, and lacks some of the petroleum smell of jute-based products.

These blankets come sized at 22-in x 22-in but can be cut to fit any smaller worm bin. The moisture wicking makes them perfect for hydroponic grow mats as well.

Note: This product breaks down more readily than the jute Urban Worm Blankets.

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    Tamara K.
    United States United States

    Hemp Urban Worm Blanket

    I have used the original urban worm blanket that I believe is made of jute and recently purchased a six pack of hemp blankets. Right away I noticed a difference in the feel of the blankets. The hemp blankets are much lighter and did not seem as sturdy. This makes sense due to the organic material they are made from. I placed one in my worm bin and then cared for my bin as I usually wound over the next few weeks. Well, they did say the hemp blankets will not last as long as the original and they were nit kidding. I went to pull the blanket up to place food underneath and it came apart in my hand. Don’t get me wrong….This is still effective as a cover for the bin and the worms seemed to like it. It just did not survive as long as the original. I will use the six I purchased and then will make a decision on which ones to buy based mostly on price.

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