Urban Worm Bag Version 2 - No Frame

This is the patented zipper free version!

Got DIY Skills? Make your own rock-solid frame using whatever you like. But we've got easy-to-understand plans to build your frame using 2x4 lumber and PVC.

Download the plans here!

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    Jason W.
    United States

    Best System Out There!

    I recently purchased an Urban Worm Bag, and I must say it is superior to all other systems on the market. The reason it is better is due to the design and functionality. The zipper top allows for easy moisture control. If you want to maintain moisture, keep the top zipped up. If you need to dry out a little, open it up for a few days. The large surface area will allow moisture to evaporate relatively quickly. Also, the UWB's size, makes the system forgiving if the worms are inadvertently overfed. The unique size and shape of the UWB provides the advantages of a larger home system without taking up an unreasonable amount of space. Additionally harvesting from the UWB is easier than bin type or tower style systems. No more lugging heavy trays or dumping bins for sifting. This makes harvesting cleaner and less physically demanding. I recommend building your own stand so that the UWB sits high enough to fit a bucket under the harvest area. At this height you can easily sit in a chair and harvest. I was so impressed with my Urban Worm Bag I ordered two more! I highly recommend this system to anyone with worms. The design, price, and functionality makes this system the best option currently available. Give it a try. I think you will agree!

    Amy H.
    United States United States

    darn draw string

    For the most part, I have enjoyed the urban worm bag. It's compact and functional. It contains smell and bugs well. The worms settled in well and have been happy. I just have two complaints that have had a major impact on my experience. Firstly, it's inconvenient to design a frame, and the suggested frame is too low to the ground. I don't like having to stick my head under the bag to see what I'm doing with the draw string. Secondly, the draw string itself is a pain to use. After collecting worm castings, the drawstring tends to collect a lot of grime and then it becomes difficult to close. I even had worms slip through the hole and lay eggs on the draw string in the velcro basket. It took forever to move the young worms back to the urban bag and some of them I couldn't draw out from the string and had to leave them. I would much rather have some sort of flap system beneath the bag. Maybe a more raised bag with a tube-like exit that can be twisted closed like a bread bag and then two flaps that fold over it and the bottom one velcros? Anyway, the exit isn't the problem. It's the functionality of the draw string. Otherwise, the urban worm bag avoids a lot of the problems other bin-style farms have.

    Paul M.
    United States United States

    Great Worm Habitat

    Worms love it and so do I. Easy to feed them and easy to harvest castings

    Andrew W.
    United States United States

    Better Version!

    I swapped out this version with the previous version because the bottom zipper broke. I’m pleased to say the new version with the zipper replaced with Velcro is a much better option! Highly recommended!

    Ryan S.
    United States United States

    Better and better

    As always, this bag is great because of the people who made it and the thoughtful and caring company that supports it. Version 2.0 has velcro on the bottom to replace a zipper, which prevents corrosion during harvest. Also the zipper along the top seems beefier? My advice is to build your own frame using 2x4s. Steve has a guide you can follow that works really well. I had the folks at Home Depot cut the pieces for me and constructed it at home. It’s much sturdier than the pipe frame, which helps during harvest when you’re moving the bag around. Speaking of moving, if you do build your own frame, invest in the optional casters at the bottom. I cannot emphasize how useful this has been for being able to clean and sweep on our small patio. If this is your first dive into vermiculture, it is MUCH easier than it looks. The worms are very resilient, and any problems that arise are easy to solve. Remember you are buying a product backed by Steve, and Steve is a seriously amazing guy. I could go on. Enjoy!

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