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Urban Worm Castings - High Humus & Organic Matter

**50% Discount for local pickup only for worm castings in the Philadelphia area with Coupon Code LOCAL50**

**Free shipping to the lower 48**

Add life back to your soil with Urban Worm Castings, freshly harvested within the past 2 weeks! These castings were screened at 1/4-in, so your castings will likely have some worms and viable cocoons as well. Recent analysis shows high humic content and nitrogen cycling microbes.

Urban Worm Castings are shown to:

  • boost plant growth
  • speed up germination
  • increase yield by 20-80%
  • suppress pests and pathogens
  • improve water retention

Do you need bulk worm castings of more than 50lbs? Either e-mail us or check out our 2000lb SuperSack option.


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