European Nightcrawlers

European Nightcrawlers are excellent composting *and* bait worms.  Larger than their Red Wiggler cousins, the Eisenia Hortensis will reproduce more slowly and prefer a little bit cooler temperatures as well.  

The “Euro” is an excellent bait worm and customers can expect 300-400 per pound.

Your worms will ship via USPS Priority packed in dry peat moss to prevent overheating. Place your order by Sunday at 1:00 pm to make Monday or Tuesday’s shipment. All orders that come in after 1:00pm Sunday will be shipped the following Monday (9 days later).

We guarantee live delivery - and we will reship again at our expense -  but in the event of a dead-on-arrival shipment, please send an image or video within 2 hours of delivery!

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