Urban Worm Turbo Sift™ by Wormgear - Worm Castings Screener

The easy way to screen your worm castings and separate them from your worms and coarse materials!

The Urban Worm Turbo Sift™ is your easy-to-use solution for harvesting your worm bin.

Simply place the steel carrier on top of a small mortar mixing tub, choose your screen, place your vermicompost in the screen and run it from end to end. Collect your castings and use them immediately.

At the time, we only have 3 screen sizes available for purchase. The 2.5MM to screen fine castings while retaining cocoons, 3MM to screen fine castings, and the 4MM to screen for coarser castings!

**Mortar tray not included but can be purchased from Lowe's or Home Depot for around $8.

  • Lowe's Item Number 19251
  • Home Depot Item Number 535443

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