African Nightcrawlers

African Nightcrawlers, aka Eudrilus eugeniae, are large and highly sought-after composting worms that produce a beautiful, granular and uniform cast. 

"ANCs" prefer warmer temperatures and are rumored to be more voracious vermicomposters than both the European Nightcrawler and its smaller cousin, the Red Wiggler.

These guys are bigger than red wigglers, so expect around 300 worms per pound. 

Expect shipment on Mondays or Tuesdays!

Your worms will ship via USPS Priority packed in dry peat moss to prevent overheating. Place your order by Sunday at 1:00 pm to make Monday or Tuesday’s shipment. All orders that come in after 1:00pm Sunday will be shipped the following Monday (9 days later).

We guarantee live delivery - and we will reship again at our expense -  but in the event of a dead-on-arrival shipment, please send an image or video within 2 hours of delivery!


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