Worm Success Bundle

Are you a Worm Whisperer? You will be with our Worm Success Bundle!

Perfect for those new to vermicomposting, this bundle will provide your wiggly friends with a wonderful habitat and all the comforts they need for a cozy home. Enhance their life by mixing 2lbs microbe-rich worm castings into our 2-pack coco coir. 

Then pamper them with occasional sprinklings of our 2lb bag of yummy worm chow, and help keep them comfortable with our thermometer! This is a $63 value discounted by over 25%.

Don't wait - make your worms happy today!

What you get:

  • 2-pack of Urban Worm Coco Coir (makes roughly 5 gallons of material when hydrated). $20 value
  • 2lbs of worm castings to mix into your coco coir to boost the initial microbe population. $15 value
  • 2lbs of Urban Worm Chow. Sprinkle your vermicompost occasionally. $15 value
  • Urban Worm Thermometer. $13 value.

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