Live Worm Delivery - Terms and Conditions

It is obviously our every intention that your worms arrive alive and healthy. Here are the precautions we take.

  • We and our suppliers normally ship on Mondays and Tuesday to shorten transit time and ensure that your worms don't sit in a warehouse over a weekend.
  • We do what we can to ship in biologically *inactive* material to prevent the onset of hot composting within the package.
  • We only ship USPS Priority in clearly marked packages.

We need your help to ensure live delivery, though. 

  • Please let your postman know that you are expecting a live delivery, normally around Thursday of your delivery week.
  • Ensure you have a shaded area where your package can be placed.
  • If you won't be home to receive the package, please try to arrange for someone to be there.

If the worms arrive dead, we need to know on the day of delivery. 

Please e-mail a cellphone picture or video to

If the above conditions have been satisfied, we will do one reshipment at our cost.

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