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Urban Worm Bag Cross Straps

If you're installing the Urban Worm Bag on a pitched surface, then the Urban Worm Bag Cross Straps are a must-have product.

The Urban Worm Bag is a bag of compost hanging from a frame. The Bag always hangs straight down (yay physics!), but if the frame is on a pitched surface, then the corner connectors are subject to a bunch of stress.

Solidify that Urban Worm Bag frame with this inexpensive set of straps that will span the distance between your corner connectors. Just slip the end of the strap through both corner connectors, then reconnect to the buckle and you're set.

Do not overtighten! Simply taking out the slack to eliminate sway is good enough.

Buy the Set of 4 for minimum frame stiffening. We recommend two in the back and one on each side. To choose which corner must be supported, identify the direction towards which the frame leans. For instance, if the frame leans to the rear, then connect the frame from the top rear to the bottom forward connector.

Buy the Set of 6 for super solid stiffening. We recommend two on the left, two on the right, and two on the back to allow access to the underside of the Bag from the front.


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