Pure Bulk Red Wiggler Composting Worms


  • We have limited inventory available per week. If we're out of stock, we'll be back in stock early the next week.
  • The summer heat may affect your shipment. If temperatures are forecast to be above 95°F at your destination, we reserve the right to delay shipment in order to prevent DOA shipments!

Need lotsa pure red wigglers? We can ship anywhere in the lower 48 states with a live guarantee for no extra charge.

Red Wigglers, aka Eisenia fetida are the most prolific composting worm on the market and are suitable to the widest range of climactic conditions. 

Red wigglers can survive in vermicompost ranging from 45°F through 95°F although they will do the best closest to 75°F. Even if the outdoor temperatures are outside this range, the temperatures *inside* your vermicompost are what matters. 

Expect 800 to 1000 adult red wigglers per pound!

Our terms and conditions are very reasonable, but you should check to make sure before purchase!


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